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My Discover wellness Retreat™

Discover Wellness, develop Mindfulness.


Wellness shall assist you slow down fast, daily life pace, recover and be grounded.


Wellness establishes a new foundation of growing up, building resilience and confidence.

Discover wellness upon Restorative Habits, Appealing Mindfulness and Pacing shall improve your health and wellbeing.

Infuse wellness into your Life.


Welcome Warm Connection™ – Holistic Signature Drink


Connection Lunches & Dinners™

Discover Wellness™ Goodie Box & Meet up Circle –360 Game

Energy smoothie – Energy Shot


Discover Wellness™ Miracle Morning Session – Silence Treatment – Rise & Shine


Discover Wellness™ Fitness – Pilates session for Expansion

Discover Wellness Workshops

Massage - Spa treatment – Botanical – Relax your Senses 

Discover Wellness™ Meet Up – Create your own picnic basket 


Discover Wellness™ Guided Hiking & picnic – Explore the Forest Bathing Technique – Relax your breath


Discover Wellness™ Treasure hunt in nature


Discover Wellness™ Crafts session – Create your own momentum


Discover Wellness™ Circle closure (1 word – 1 feeling)


Well-being & Self-care
Miracle Routine & Fitness Reset

A unique approach of health and wellness retreat, a distinctive combination of holistic experiences upon reset and nature reconnection.

Experienced wellness coaches and trainers shall assist people get calmness into their life.

Discover Wellness Retreat™ consists of early peaceful, miracle mornings and fitness sessions, gamechanger inspiring workshops on adopting daily habits, forest hiking to find inner long-lasting peace and blissful Connection Dinners to be familiarized and have a great time, creating memories.

Create your own personalized and lifelong wellness regime, increase mindfulness, change your days ahead, relax your senses and indulge into fresh, local products, herbs and flavors.

Learn the tools of holistic wellbeing and discover the wellness meaning. 

Find and reconnect with inner balance.


Unwind from physical and mental stress.


Enhance your holistic retreat and dive into the new places hospitality to be renewed and revitalized.


People who are overwhelmed and seek for relaxation after a busy day, unwind their thoughts, experience new life moments.

People who seek long-lasting peace through wellness workshops and outdoor activities.  

People who seek a centered, well balanced and revitalized inner self.

People who wish to dispel negative feelings, seek vitality and high inspiration.

People who wish mental and physical refresh from daily routine.

Nature Mindfulness
Explore forest bathing technique. Find inner long-lasting peace next to natural vibes. Discover a quiet natural place, take off your shoes and stand on earth. Relax your breath.

Miracle Morning Silence Treatment
The ultimate morning routine changes your life and highlights your energy levels. Mind and Body get more resistant and motivated.

About Connection

Formal Connection Dinners

The holistic Retreat team prepares delicious meals from local products and fresh, seasonal ingredients that complete and balance both savours and flavours, providing body energy stocks and empowerment.


Naturally Boosted, Welcome Breakfasts and Brunches, Formal Connection Dinners™ and Lunches, Energy Smoothies and snacks offer a holistic and wholesome slow food experience, under the taste of community bonding.


People are united, get familiar with each other, and share experiences, valuable feelings and emotions. Blissful lunches and dinners accompanied by happy moments and enjoyable meals, are uniquely memorable.



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