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mykonos running festival™

MYKONOS RUNNING FESTIVAL is a special Global Running Event highlighting the island's uniqueness following the organizers' vision and philosophy.


The Mykonos Running Festival includes racing programs for any physical condition and participant's age.

World-class champions and runners from all fitness levels participate in this fantastic sports and social celebration.


The Festival provides high-level programs of wellness side events, and business, social, recreational and cultural happenings.


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Yoga by the Sea

The Experience


HOLISTIC RETREAT™ proudly organises wellness side events and actively participates in the Business Forum of MYKONOS RUNNING FESTIVAL.


On Friday at 18.00, Holistic Retreat participates in the Business Forum with an inspirational speech about the opportunity that lies within us to change ourselves and the world in our next destination.

On Saturday at 9.00 in the morning, Holistic Retreat organises a Miracle Morning Experience with a 15-minute circular training in a magnificent sunrise spot.


Veronica & Natalia will also participate as runners in the Mykonos Running Festival.

Join Us Friends!


miracle morning experience

On Saturday at 9.00 in the morning, we organise a Miracle Morning Experience together with a circular training in a magnificent sunrise spot at the Mykonos Villas Rocks Estates.

The ultimate morning routine that will transform your life and skyrocket your energy.

In just one hour you will be able to transform your mind and body from sluggish and resistant to awake and motivated.

You will give some time and space to your entire well-being, your body and your soul.

A life-changing Routine

Slowing down, or feeling renewed by finding ways to create energy in our lives is an important part of having good mental, physical and emotional health.

The Miracle Morning Experience is about helping people create that energy.


business forum

Mykonos business forum


HOLISTIC RETREAT™ participates in the Business Forum that will take place on Friday the 30th of September at 18.00 at Mykonos Rocks Estate Villas with an inspirational speech about the opportunity that lies within us to change ourselves and the world in our next destination.


Leading Companies in the context of the Corporate Social Responsibility program discuss about the Blue Economy and lay the foundations for Sustainable Development.

Conference Topics


Sports Management

Wellness & Well-being

Smart Cities-Smart Islands

New Technologies

Blue Economy



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the racing program


10km Health & Power Walking Race The run refers to professional athletes and middle-distance runners.

WORLD ATHLETICS certified route



21.1km International Half Marathon Race

The event is an AIMS member organization.

WORLD ATHLETICS certified route



2.5km Health & Power Walking Race for all ages runners.

The run is a sports, recreational and tourism road race.



Working group participation (Tourism companies, Hospitality, Shipping, Airline industry etc.)

A business and sports special race in association with the Business Forum organization. Business Relay is a corporate social responsibility program.

3 days of events and fun​

Business forum | 30/09


Beach Party | 01-02/10 In conjunction with MYKONOS RUN & MYKONOS FAMILY FUN


Music Concert or Cultural Event | 02/10 In conjunction with MYKONOS BUSINESS RELAY & the BUSINESS FORUM


Mykonos Food Festival Guests familiarised themselves with the Greek, and Cycladic local products.


KIDS ATHLETICS | 30/09-02/10 Inspirational program for children up to the age of 12 years old, in order to be more active, develop their skills and connect with sports.

WORLD ATHLETICS certified program

Meditation by the Beach


Beach Bar

beach party

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