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Rabea Iatridou

Rabea with origins from Kastoria, was born in Germany and grown up in Thessaloniki.

She was one of the first members of the AS. ARIS Technical Swimming department in Thessaloniki, winning national positions.


She gained more than 60 Panhellenic records at the girls, juniors and women categories in all apnea competitions. In the National Team, she managed the first participation in the sports history, at the final OPEN category World Championship in 1990, and then she won numerous World and Pan-European distinctions and medals in both junior and women categories.


Her studies were Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia and worked in IT companies and adults education before being appointed in 2003, as an "honorary" in Central Macedonia where she is still working.


Being a seabed and sea creature lover, a certified scuba-diver since 1997 and scuba-diving traveler all over Greece, Red Sea, Indonesia and Italy, her travel-diving articles have been published in the National Geographic, Geotropio, Explore Nature, the PHOTOGRAPHER magazine and the Wetpixel Magazine.


Since 2013 she has been a Board member, while since 2017 she has elected president of the Association of Greek Extremely Distinguished Athletes - S.E.E.D.A. She is a runner, a marathon runner, a triathlete and leader of the S.E.D.A. Running team, participating in events for good causes throughout Greece, and founding member of Scholarship Education and Sports Program for the financial support of young all sports athletes.

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