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The Full Story

The fuel- up retreat™

Yoga by the sea  



Holistic Retreat in partnership with Athleton + designed a retreat just for life lovers on the magnificent island of Aegina for 4 days.

Join us for 4 days on the beautiful Greek island of Aegina, a place of spiritual and cultural introspection overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Saronic Gulf, for a journey out of your head and into your heart. In this serenity of Greek bliss,  you will be guided through daily workshops and heart-opening breathwork, to take you on a magical journey.

These 4 days are about bringing you the emotional freedom to live a purposeful, liberated life, that brings love into your soul, inspiration into your mind and connection into your heart. At times it will be incredibly relaxing, at others, the space will be created for you to go beyond your limitations to experience growth that you didn’t know was possible.

Life will have a new meaning for you after these magical 4 days.


The Experience


Day 1 - A warm welcome
Welcome to get settled into your room
Your hosts will be there to greet you with Holistic Retreat’s Signature Drinks
You are free to enjoy Lali Bay’s facilities.
Breathwork and yoga
Sunset yoga session

Connection Dinner
Beachside relaxation
Workshop session on Yoga philosophy

Day 2 - One with nature
Breath & Focus Morning session
Breathwork and yoga
High Energy Breakfast
Free time to enjoy the island and water sports
Restorative yoga
Sunset meditation
Connection dinner
Beachside relaxation

Day 3 - Let's get active
Breathwork and yoga
High Energy Breakfast
Free time to enjoy the island and water sports
Make your own energy snack 
Restorative yoga
Sunset meditation

Connection dinner

Day 4 - A gracious regard
Breath & Focus Morning session
Breathwork and yoga
High Energy Breakfast
Free time to enjoy the island and water sports
Local cooking experience
Restorative journaling
Closing ceremony


Woman in Nature

what is included

6 hours of yoga
4 sessions of breath work
3 wellness workshops
3 breakfasts
3 dinners
2 miracle morning experiences
2 sessions of sunset meditation
transport from Aegina port to LaliBay

what is not included

Transport to Aegina


Image by Isaac Y. Takeu
Fruits and Nuts Yogurt

The Venue


A tranquil space facing the sea and the sunset, ideal for yoga. Our selected venue will help you align the senses and the mind.

LaLiBay Resort & Spa is a 5 star adult friendly hotel in Aegina island, just a short ferry trip from Athens. Located in a beautiful & densely planted area on the coast, the resort is the ideal place to relax & rejuvenate within nature!


The views of the Saronic Gulf and its sunset will definitely charm you!

LaliBay has a private beach and seaside pool. It includes a yoga amphitheatre, tennis court and the Pigi Spa & Wellness centre.

Life will have a new meaning for you after spending 4 days here.

Vintage Table Set

Holistic Retreat Connection Dinners™



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all about connection



Connection Dinners™ are a wonderful mix of natural, wholesome flavours prepared by the Holistic Retreat team.

Delicious meals are cooked carefully with seasonal ingredients to balance and strengthen the body. The authentic tasting experience of Connection Dinners™ is a unique opportunity for people to feel connected.


Every person has valuable ideas, insights and feelings to share.

Naturally Boosted Breakfasts, flavorful snacks lunches, and Formal Connection™ Dinners are all prepared with daily fresh products.​ 

A wholesome food experience through our blissful Connection Dinners is so much more than just a gathering in a classic restaurant. People share valuable knowledge and inspire each other. 

Let's stay together and connected.

Our wish is to share moments with people and create memorable life moments.

We love mini surprises, art de la table menus, laughing and joy.

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