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My Radical calm Retreat™


The retreat for people who work hard.

your journey with recalibration.





Modern life often creates separation between ourselves and nature. Recall trips help us reconnect. We believe a nature-immersive trip is the best way to recover from burnout.

Introduce yourself to new life-changing techniques and enjoy serenity and calmness. 

  Radical Calm Retreat™ focuses on body well-being treatment and self-care. Enjoy tranquility, get in touch with nature and adopt brand-new practices.

Discover mental health, find inner peace, giving yourself the chance to step aside city life for a while. Enjoy the natural landscape beauty, breathe the fresh atmosphere air and be rejuvenated.

Listen to your inner self.


A Retreat to Revitalize you.
Whether you’re dealing with a demanding career or a life transition, it’s time to take a step back and focus on what’s most important – you.


Bring all of yourself. All your weirdness, all your ups, and downs, all your heart - it's all welcome here.

Step into an oasis of wellness and mindfulness with a transformative retreat where you’ll have the space to recharge and reset.

There's so much to explore within ourselves, others, and the world. We learn through new experiences. Inner peace and resilience is the key to a happy life.

The world is complicated. We're always striving to remove the noise and focus on what really matters.

What makes us unique should be celebrated. We look for people who "add" to what we're creating - not people who "fit in".

You’ll be invited to slow down, drop into your body and feel mentally strong. It will feel deeply nourishing to connect you back to yourself.

We will begin with some simple yet powerful breathing. I will then guide you in a gentle yoga flow that is simple to follow. To complete we will drop into a restorative relaxation while learning the 

There is also an option for lunch and a cold water swim should you be interested.



We’ve created a place for you to disconnect from your day-to-day and focus on yourself. You’ll reset, recharge, and be ready keep it going.

3 Days Stress & Anxiety Releasement

3 Days Serenity & Self-Care Motivation



Rejuvenate and recuperate by getting away from daily life routines.

Soothing, alluring destinations provide people a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner meditation. 


Radical Calm Retreat™ focuses on personal self-care, serene breathing techniques, de-stress habits and personalized internalization.

Explore easy-to-follow tools and practices to bring long-lasting calmness into your life. 

Adopt new routine habits and techniques to overcome fears and weaknesses and find out an entire, renewal lifestyle.

A holistic experience of body, mind and spirit clearance by affiliating valuable information on how manage pressure of life responsibilities, reduce anxiety levels, deal with life demands and reach the ultimate goal of feeling "zen".

Light and Shadow Portrait


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