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Cookies policy 

Cookies policy.
We use cookies and tracking technology to improve the browsing experience of website guests’, personalized content and targeted ads, website traffic analysis and guests’ sources.

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Guests privacy.
Cookies are small text files, stored on the computer when guests visit a website. Cookies use is for various purposes and the guests’ online experience to the website (e.g. account login details).

Guests may change their preferences; reject cookies to be stored on the computer while browsing website and remove already stored cookies on the computer. By deleting cookies, please note that may slow down or prevent you from using parts of the website.

Cookies types.

Strictly essential cookies.

These cookies are essential to provide guests the available services through the website and enable the use of certain website functions. Without these cookies, it is not possible to provide guests certain website services.

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Functional cookies.
These cookies provide a more personalized experience on the website and remind guests what choices made when using it (e.g. language preferences, login details).

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Tracking and performance cookies.
These cookies are used to collect information regarding the website traffic analysis and how guests use it (e.g. spent time on the website, number and type of viewed pages) in order to website awareness and improvement. The collected information is not reported and does not identify individual guests.

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Targeting and advertising cookies.
These cookies are used to show advertisements based on browsing guests’ interests, served by content and advertising providers, combine information collected from the website with other information of browser activities and the website.
Their removal or deactivation will result in advertising continuance that is irrelevant to guests’ interests.

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For any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at email address .


Privacy Policy.
Data collection.
Data collection and processing concerns the personal data category (name, gender, date of birth, nationality), contact details (phone number, home address, email address, fax, social networking page accounts), payment details (credit/debit card), accommodation and transfer/rental car etc. information (arrival-departure date, services, room type, participation), competitions-gifts participation data, quality of accommodation-provided services reviews, special requests, recent fitness certification by specialist doctors (selected sessions), name and photo use for further media promotion, any kind of personal data for the best guests’ service.

Personal data not been provided by the guests’ consent, is not collected and processed.
Data collection method.
Personal data information is provided directly by the guests, their personal services and availability information (name, gender, date of birth, nationality, phone number, home address, email address, fax, photograph use), room reservation, wellness services-sessions and workshops, newsletter registration (future programs, news and offers), web applications and social media use (reservation center, phone calls, email), required registration/login fields/reservation-participation filling forms, check-in information at the hotel reception upon arrival and during accommodation, payment data (credit card-payment, account number, debit address), email send copies and attached files, special requests information (e.g. health conditions, special certifications), third cooperating party information (hotels, retreat centers, rental cars, etc.), invoices, payment receipts.
Data collection purpose.
Contractual obligations implementation and guests’ best service, legal compliance to the terms of Law, Judicial/Supervisory Authorities and the Common Law, communication-advertising-promotion-research project by the positive guests’ consent, official page certification and social media connection, special reservation requests, registration, accommodation, workshops, sessions, etc. participation, services-programs-online operations results measurement.
Data security protection.
There is a technical protection of the guests’ personal data, when any unauthorized access to them is prevented, and exclusive security provided by the staff. Information distribution concerns only third party cooperators, under our contractual relations according to the relevant legislative compliance of data protection.
Personal data observance.
Guests’ personal data remain in our database for the period time they use our official website and social media accounts, according to legislation and privacy policy. Upon their request, within 30 days from the submission day, their data is completely and permanently deleted. Personal data storage refers to a centralized, corporate form of non-public promotion.
E-ticket reservation-participation.
By booking an e-ticket and confirm retreat participation, guests accept terms and conditions, by the personal responsible statement in participating programs, competitions, workshops, sessions, etc., by the exclusive personal responsibility for any injuries, by the personal resignation of any relevant corporate compensation, and recent certification of good physical condition and health by specialist doctors, in order to allow guests enjoy the retreat sessions.
For any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address .

Privacy policy

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