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People are always looking for life, career, and business breakthroughs.  reconnect with things you love about life and work. Adapt and take action towards achieving fulfillment, become more self-reliant, and gain more job and life satisfaction.

If you are a business person or entrepreneur coaching will help you be more effective, take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments, and work more efficiently and productively with others.

Coaching and Wellness Holistic Retreat will provide you will the tools to be bulletproof, create sustainable change, and build confidence.


Reach everything you wish to be.  


“Natalia, you talk often about sustained well-being through coaching. Can you tell us more about it?”

Natalia: “Working by the side of a coach for a short period will help you realize a better state of being — the one you feel more resilient, less stressed, and well balanced in general. It shall provide you with the necessary tools to address better critical moments in your life and business. A Wellness and Coaching Holistic Retreat is perfect to provide you with answers. Development has to do with individual processes. People have different needs, personalities, and readiness levels, so there is a need to know where they are. In this way, they turn into a force of change and growth. Coaching is a highly personalized and individualized well-being intervention.”

"How could a holistic retreat assist someone moves forward towards success and fulfillment?”


Natalia: “These retreats are designed to take you away from all your distractions, focus on finding the answers that move you forward, and make you successful at inner life and business game. In contrast to the classical viewpoint where pressure achieves great performance levels, now we are able to know that high pressure makes people really less efficient. Mental fitness, on the other hand, is associated with productivity increase, collaboration, innovation and work satisfaction. Participating in a holistic retreat includes value discovery, restricted beliefs modification, relationship investigation, future desires, and planning clarity, strategy review, and supportive sessions, as new life and business perspectives. Holistic Retreat empowers people to step by step, carry on success ahead.”

“There are times we feel tired to start over, we feel confused. How do we get momentum again?”

Natalia: ‘’When there are obstacles in your dreams and aspiration, coaching provides you the knowledge of recognizing what’s going well in your life, feel more positive, engaged and connected to those around you. No matter your life situation, sometimes the quickest and most effective way to make a difference is to step out of your comfort zone and look at it again. Holistic Retreat isn’t just about ‘talking’ and resolving problems. It helps you gain a clear feeling of who you are, and what is important in your personal and business life and plan a journey of fulfilled, organized, and happy feelings. You are back in control.”


“Why do you think personal development is a key factor to success?”

Natalia: “There’s something special about being committed to developing yourself. You are evolved in motivation comprehension and underlying obstacles. You turn out to be more resilient. You benefit from conflict reduction and improved decision-making confidence. You live on purpose which makes you manage time efficiently. You make things work for you, as I often declare.”

“How can we keep up Holistic Retreat benefits after finishing?”

Natalia: “We reassure you that back home, Holistic Retreat unfolds. Holistic Retreat takes place in the most alluring destinations of Greece and abroad, to create momentum. Each session, practice, workshop, relaxing moment, and experience focuses on the root cause of an issue and empowers people to move ahead in life. There are follow-up sessions. During the first 4 months, people have the chance to continue with follow-up sessions designed to assure them that the acquired Holistic Retreat ideas and methods will be in their everyday life. It is too easy to return back home and their daily life is so overwhelming that everything is pushed over again. With 2 x 60-minute sessions per month, there are no excuses for those who are not moving forward! (Laughing) There is also indefinite email and call support. If there is something niggling you and you wish for a different perspective, just get in touch and I will be by your side.”

“How can we get started?”

Natalia: “Interested? Once you book the Holistic Retreat you wish, the right one for you, then we discuss what is happening in your life. Where there are obstacles for you, why you are

interested in the retreat and what you hope to get out of it.”

All about it.

By Natalia Deligiorgi
Performance & Development Coach

One Holistic Retreat, your story.



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