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The Full Story

My Bounce Back Retreat™

Self-improvement is Lifestyle.

Daily personal development could be fulfilled through gradually stable, tiny changes with significant, self-growth benefits.​

Bounce Back Holistic Retreat ™ is a recharged, rebalanced and life changing program. A unique invitation to people who seek inner motivation in order to accomplish their dreams and thoughts, moderate their fears, cultivate their mind and develop their strengths.  ​

Welcome your new, focused and centered inner-self.

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The Experience


Daily Breath & Focus Sunrise Session

Bounce Back™ Journaling Exercising

Two (2) Natural Boosted Breakfasts

Healthy snacks and refreshments provided throughout the day

Two (2) personalized Bounce Back™ Workshops 

Two (2) Bounce Back™ 60' Fitness Workout sessions 

Two (2) formal Connection Dinners™

Guided forest hiking through nature

One (1) Bounce Back™ Stretching Session 

One (1) Bounce Back™ Visualization Experience Session

Open chats with professionals Trainers & Coaches regarding health & fitness Lifestyle

Other activities, regarding weather forecast conditions

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Personal Development
Goals Creative Experience

All tracking routine, self-preparation, coaching, goals setting and journaling collection in one place. The program concerns about personal strength recovery and important life things concentration.

During Bounce Back Retreat™, people benefit practical, easy-to-follow piece of advice and methods. 

There is a whole new performance development day unfolding into their daily lives. Everything is about Personal Growth.


People discover vital, long-term practices, get emotionally stronger and increase their physical and mental productivity.


New desirable habits and morning routine reset upon people, by which are able to achieve personal goals.

Adopt a whole brand-new world of life-changing methods and come along with new healthy life routine.

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People who wish a new life fresh-start.

People who wish wellness to be priority into their lives.

People who wish time focused on their personal goals and development.

People who wish for their own Lifetime Wellbeing Toolbox.

People who wish relaxation after long, business life routine, deadlines, emails, family requests.

People who wish simple, daily wellness tips and new habits discovery.

People who seek for anxiety and peace of mind management.

People who feel off track.

Entrepreneurs with biggest concerns on business success and failure.

People who wish for a wellness, just in time break.

Connection Dinners™

all about connection



Connection Dinners™ are a wonderful noticed mix of natural, wholesome flavors prepared and hosted under the guidance of Holistic Retreat team.

Delicious meals are cooked carefully of seasonal ingredients completing each other, balance and strengthen body. 

Naturally Boosted Breakfasts, Formal Connection™ Dinners, Lunches and snacks are all prepared by daily fresh products.​ 

A holistic and wholesome food experience of a real taste community bonding is provided through our blissful Connection Lunches and Dinners, more than any common gathering and food sharing of a classic restaurant.

People always share valuable interests, infuse knowledge and inspire each other. It is such important for people to stay together and be connected.

Our wish is sharing adorable meals with people and familiarize them through connected and memorable life moments.

We love mini surprises, art de la table menus, laughing and joy.



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