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Team Bonding

Whether your objective is to empower, unite or inspire your team, Holistic Retreat is next to you, with fully customizable events or retreats. 

Make your Business & Corporate Events a Holistic Experience and let us organize everything with unwavering attention to detail and flawless management, which goes above and beyond the highest expectations of our amazing clients.

Corporate events are critical for employee satisfaction — a must in today’s work environment. Plus, after years of hybrid office hours and diminished social schedules, it’s a breath of fresh air for teams.

The Corporate Experience offered by Holistic Retreat is a strategic resource to build trust, powerful relationships, and culture inside your company.
Whether your goal is to encourage team building, help avoid employee burnout, provide an opportunity for brainstorming, or to re-assess company priorities, we will offer a high-quality service.  

Now is the chance to reward team members and renew their joy, excitement, and enthusiasm for their work and life roles.

Team members will return with renewed vigor, creativity, and deeper commitment to the company's mission and values. Plus, keeping employees connected to one another can keep them committed to their jobs while supporting their physical and mental health.

Immersive Coaching sessions with performance & wellness coaches, Fun Activities, and Fitness Sessions with experienced Fitness trainers, Yoga Instructors, etc will create something unique for you and your people.

Rethink the way you strategize, collaborate, and learn with a change of environment.

Boredom is impossible!


Image by Mathias Jensen
Image by Alessio Soggetti

The vision


Immersive workshops, strategy sessions, Performance Tools and fun activities.

  • Welcome Gifts

  • Warm Connection Games

  • LifePlanner Roadmap

  • Miracle Morning Experience

  • Meet up Circles

  • Upskilling Workshops

  • High Energy Team Building Games

  • Mindful Games

  • Strategy Sessions

  • Bonding & Self-Reflection Games

  • Fun & Immersive Sessions

Fitness Team

stronger together

Team-building has never been more stylish,

and board meetings are never less boring, thanks to our unique

collection of Holistic Retreat corporate ideas.


From departmental catch-ups to company-wide getaways, the ways companies bring their teams together are undergoing a revolution.


More and more organizations are choosing to skip the traditionally shared working environment and meet on the road to reap the benefits of combining their team-building activities with new and exciting surroundings.

So why are Corporate Holistic Retreats™ Events good for business?

  • Encourage effective communication and creativity

  • Develop Interpersonal Bonds

  • Resolve Tension

  • Identify problems and brainstorm solutions

  • Innovate processes 

  • Improve employee morale

  • Cultivate wellbeing

  • Boost employee retention

  • Improve culture

Why now?

  • 34% of employees shared that they have had their most creative ideas on business trips. This figure increases to 53% for corporate travelers between the ages of 16 and 24 (TravelPerk).

  • 81% of millennial employees think they work more effectively when they have face time with their coworkers (Forbes). 

  • Scientific studies have shown that hosting brainstorming sessions on zoom can stifle creativity (Nature). 


Fitness Team
Dinner Table

all about connection



Connection Dinners™ are a wonderful noticed mix of natural, wholesome flavours prepared and hosted under the guidance of the Holistic Retreat team.

Delicious meals are cooked carefully with seasonal ingredients completing each other, balancing and strengthening the body. 

Naturally Boosted Breakfasts, Formal Connection™ Dinners, Lunches and snacks are all prepared with daily fresh products.​ 

A holistic and wholesome food experience of real taste community bonding is provided through our blissful Connection Lunches and Dinners.

People always share valuable interests, infuse knowledge and inspire each other. ​Stay together and be connected.

Our wish is to share adorable meals with people and familiarize them through connected and memorable life moments.

We love mini surprises, art de la table menus, laughing and joy.

Team Paddle

Your company

You and your company's objectives are important.

Let us know your aspirations for the company and its people.

Together we will create an itinerary anchored around your needs.


Ready to start planning?

Contact us at and request more info.



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