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2nd mykonos running festival™
22-24 September 2023
Hand in hand with Greek World Class Athletes

MYKONOS RUNNING FESTIVAL is an annual running event that takes place on the Greek island of Mykonos.


This year's festival is the 2nd one taking place, and it will typically include a variety of races for runners of different ages and abilities, including a half marathon, a 10K race, and a 5K race.

The festival attracts runners from all over the world who come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and challenging courses of Mykonos. The courses typically take runners through the island's picturesque towns, beaches, and countryside, providing a unique and memorable running experience.

In addition to the races, the Mykonos Running Festival also features various wellness events and activities for participants and spectators alike.

World-class champions and runners from all fitness levels participate in this fantastic sports and social celebration.


The Festival provides high-level programs of wellness side events and business, social, recreational and cultural happenings.


Couple Jogging

The Experience


HOLISTIC RETREAT™ proudly organises wellness side events and actively participates in the 2nd MYKONOS RUNNING FESTIVAL  for a second year in a row.

On Saturday the 23rd of September, Holistic Retreat participates in the Sports Tourism & Sustainable Destinations Conference taking place from 12.00  to 15.00. 

Holistic Retreat is participating in a panel themed "Developing a Wellness Tourism Strategy for Mykonos: Challenges and Opportunities. 

On Saturday at 17.00 in the afternoon, Holistic Retreat organises a Breath & Focus Session with a 45-minute circular fitness training designed for all in the magnificent SantAnna.

The Holistic Retreat team will also participate as runners in the Mykonos Running Festival.

Join Us, Friends!

Flower Plant

Breath and focus

We invite you to experience an incredible wellness and energy journey with our “Breath & Focus Session” on Saturday the 23rd of September at 17.00 in the afternoon at Santanna Mykonos, a haven for Cycladic Luxury.

Immerse yourself and experience a new way of Focus.

Powerful feelings of relaxation and energy through these 4 sections - Focus, Achieve, Perform, and Celebrate. 

An hour dedicated to you and your well-being. 

During this breath and focus session, you will tap into the profound power of your breath, allowing its serenity and strength to envelop your being. Explore the transformative potential of each inhale and exhale, as you discover the deep connection between your breath and inner peace.

Through guided practices and gentle coaching, unlock the ability to cultivate a serene and powerful state of mind, nourish your soul and set the tone for a truly transformative day.

Click below and register for your free spot , and feel more focused than ever on your daily goals. 

The event is sponsored by

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Breath & Focus Form

Register here and book your seat in the Breath & Focus Session at the 2nd Mykonos Running Festival 

Soon you will receive the confirmation email and all the info you will need for your Breath & and Focus Holistic Retreat

*Don't forget to scroll up, and read a bit more about the 2nd Mykonos Running Festival



HOLISTIC RETREAT™ team participates in a panel discussion on Saturday the 23rd of September at the 1st Sports Tourism and Sustainable Destinations Conference organised by Tsomokos Communications, and hosted by the Mayor of Mykonos, Konstantinos Koukas.


Politicians, decision-makers, tourism industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and opinion shapers are invited to discuss the future of tourism in Greece, considering the opportunities that Mykonos—the strongest advocate of the Greek tourism brand—can harness to pave the way for sustainable and responsible tourism development. 

The panel discussion is themed "Developing a Wellness Tourism Strategy for Mykonos: Challenges and Opportunities. 

Conference Topics


See you there!

Sports tourism & sustainable destinations conference



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the racing program


10km Health & Power Walking Race The run refers to professional athletes and middle-distance runners.

WORLD ATHLETICS certified route



21.1km International Half Marathon Race

The event is an AIMS member organization.

WORLD ATHLETICS certified route



2.5km Health & Power Walking Race for all ages runners.

The run is a sports, recreational and tourism road race.


3 days of events and fun​

Conference | 23/09


Beach Party | 23/09 


Music Concert  23/09 

Holistic Retreat Wellness Events 22 & 23/9


Mykonos Food Festival to taste and promote local Cycladic and Mykonian products.


KIDS ATHLETICS | 22/06 & 23/9 Inspirational program of athletics and functional skills, designed by the global governing body of athletics, WORLD ATHLETICS, for children up to 12 years old.


join us at the Breathe & Focus session

Pampas Grass

beach party



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Copyright © 2022 Holistic Retreat | All rights reserved

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