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My Fuel up Retreat™

Fitness is Lifestyle.

A Holistic approach of exercising and balanced fitness routine.

The perfect gift for people who love gymnastics and enjoy practicing. Explore more of your potential.

Fuel Up Holistic Retreat™ is a refreshing, renew and inner-balanced program about sports, physical exercise and enduring training.

Improve your strength, agility and endurance.

Beach Chairs


Fuel Up™ 60' Experiential Coaching Speech


Breath & Focus Sunrise Session 

Fuel Up™ 60’ Training Speech 

Fuel Up™ 60' Yoga session 

Fuel Up™ Running session 

Fuel Up™ Workout session 

Energy Smoothies - Energy balls

Two (2) Fuel Up™ specially designed Workshops

Two (2) Fuel Up™ Nutrition Breakfasts

Two (2) Fuel Up™ Connection Dinners™

One (1) Fuel Up™ Connecting Dots™ Card Game

Open chats with Trainers and Coaches on exercise topics, sports and health

Sports activities upon weather forecast conditions

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Energy & Action Training programs
Mind & Physical Body Exercising

Everything is about Exercise Love and Healthy Lifestyle.


Daily inspiration meets regular training guidance for long-lasting effort.

The program is about practical and personalized wellness and healthy lifestyle practices.

During Fuel Up Retreat™, people benefit the breathing technique, body posture, healthy nutrition and steady steps for a well-exercised body and progressive spirit.

An entire weekend full of knowledge and personalized approach to achieve even more.


All about systematic exercise and next level self-preparation.


Our team provided new habits development and routine strategy by easy-to-follow practices and methods to implement guests’ life. 

Palm Trees


People who wish exercise into their daily routine.

People who wish well-being and exercise to be priority of their life change.


People who need a fresh start.


People who need coaches’ experience.


People who wish renewal body practices by expert coaches, trainers and champions.

People who wish more information about body strengthen and posture techniques.


People who wish more information about breathe techniques and endurance.


People who love running and need improvement.


People who wish for new goals setting by the guidance of world champions and experienced marathon runners.


People who wish to run their first 5k.


People who feel physically powerful after recent minor injury.


People who are experienced runners and need inspiration to overcome difficulties and conquer new goals.

All about Connection

Live well, Eat well, enjoy every moment

Connection Dinners™ are of great importance.

Holistic Retreat team celebrates slow food experience and cooking preparation of high-demand meals.


The authentic tasting experience of Connection Dinners™ is a unique opportunity for people to feel connected.


We adore mini surprises, art de la table menus, laughing and blissful moments. Every person has valuable ideas, insights and feelings to share with.


A careful combination of local products and savors, snacks, smoothies, fresh, seasonal ingredients, infused water under the Holistic Retreat team hospitality.

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