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Work Journal
The Workshop.

After a long, busy workday, staring at a blank page may seem just like another thing to cross off the to-do list unless prepared.  It is always helpful to write down some answers to the following questions on a daily or weekly basis.

This exercise assists people in thinking, considering and focusing on their career ambitions, future goals and perspectives. Even though this exercise may be fitted once a week in their calendar, it is a very constructive method to reflect and manage their dreams. What are the takeaways of each day? Will and how will they move you forward?

What kind of lessons I learned today.
What are the potential challenges I should be prepared to face today or this week.
Who made a comment or a compliment about my work today. What was said about.

(This is a great bonus while it is easier for someone to remember his own accomplishments and ask a few months later or years for a fund raise.)
How I feel about my work today and why.
What reason for I feel grateful at work.
Which is my biggest accomplishment today.
Have I spent time on important tasks that may accelerate my career levels.
Have I succeeded more or less with my basic job description today.
Which is the one way to be followed in order to go further and manage more tomorrow.
How should I organize my priority-do-to list this week.
What kind of improvement do I need at work.
How do I track my 30-60-90 daily goals.


The Workshop.

Self-care is a unique treatment, especially chosen by each person, depending on what currently happens in his life, his physical and mental needs, his emotions and feelings. Since someone takes care of others, self-care is the time he devotes on doing something for himself. Some time alone walking in nature or spending a soothing afternoon activity without any obligations.


There are two levels of self-care, the outer and the inner level.


It is a physical and soothing body rest. This is important for optimal health and well-being. Life is usually busy and fast-paced; there should be defined life priorities. Take 5’ minutes every day to enjoy the basics. Be sure to not waste valuable time on electronics or playing with applications on the mobile phone. This might feel relaxing, but it is not truly restorative. Then you may notice you are breathing deeply again throughout the day and feel less anxiety and stress, getting ready for level two of self-care.


It is spiritual with the aim of connecting with the inner self. While after resting and restoring the body, the spirit should be tuning in and being fed. The second level of self-care is the “soul-care”. Soul-care is more than just resting or treating a massage. Soul-care connects people with their inner wisdom and own spirit. It is about a deeper understanding, the fulfillment and connection with something greater than their “busy self”.


Routine Ritual. The first tool is turning daily routine into a mindfulness practice, making it a ritual process. People share daily routines of rush. They need to slow down and recognize that everything they do should be satisfying. Rituals are important Daily tasks convert into mental experiences and nourish people’s souls. Taking for example a bath shower, while already is a usual routines’ program, this is the time of a slowing down and relaxing ritual that fills people up.   

Nature Notice. Connecting with nature and experiencing nature are two different things. Experiencing nature is about a clear notice of the nature around us, not necessarily a quick walk or run exercise on it. By noticing nature, a part of us reminds us of our connection to something greater than ourselves.Take notice of what you find in nature. Bring back home with you, any natural element of a pine cone or rock or feather to reminisce your soul-care practice.

Be connected to Earth. Getting a step beyond experiencing nature is connecting to earth and creating a sense of stability. The ground itself is “grounding”. In order to be connected to Earth, consider the ways of getting physical body contact with earth or with any natural element on it. Take care of a garden and feel the ground in your hands. Grow vegetables in a pot and take care of them as they grow. Bring fresh flowers inside home. 

It is highly recommended to choose one of these rituals to try out for a week. When people focus on one thing, they can really pay attention to it and see how it works for them. Choose the tool that suits you better and customize it.

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