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Miracle morning experience

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Feel the new morning routine for a productive, creative, refreshing day, full of energy. People’s morning activities determine their lifestyle, potential, success and life quality. Stress decreases, and energy levels increase.

Miracle Morning Experience provides ‘Healthy Snacks’ to mind, body and soul. Productivity increases, concentration improves, and health and good physical condition enhances. People discover their purpose in life, manage their beliefs, maximize their perspective and find peace of mind towards challenges. 

Miracle routine

One Holistic Retreat, your story.

"What is your Miracle Morning Experience vision?"

Veronica: "My vision is to change the way of waking up and become the Greek Miracle Morning community so that we are happier as Greeks, more creative and determined people. I am convinced that our world could be better when there would be inspired people everywhere, who first, take care of themselves and then spread their inspiration into the world."


"Where was your first met with Miracle Morning Experience practice?"

Veronica: “I first met Miracle Morning Experience one morning at 6:00am on a business trip in Malta where checking what’s on the Airbnb Experiences. I had no idea what this was about, but fortunately for me, my curiosity and enthusiasm in learning new things worked out.
 When I travel I have this habit of searching new experiences guided by local people, as I believe this is the best way of getting known a city. On this particular trip, all of my mornings were already taken up by business meetings, so I had a hard time finding an experience that would fit into my calendar. The only one I could experience was the so-called Miracle Morning Experience at Sliema beach on the sunrise. It was held at 6:00am in the morning, which could fit in my calendar.  I didn’t have a clue of what this was about but I thought why not try it out? It was love at first sight!

I am a passionate learner and lifelong experimenter, so I grab the chance to meet anything new. Next morning, by 5:15am I was already in a taxi from Valletta to Sliema beach. When I got there, it was like walking into a tranquil, magical landscape out of a novel. The sky was still grey and slowly turning orange as the sun rose in slow motion. The horizon line stood out strong and clear, like a rope connecting the sound of dancing waves on my brain. The sound was so magical that I recorded it on my phone, so I could keep it and come back to it when I needed to feel that peace again. The stillness in the sunrise movement was breathtaking. A few minutes later, I met my guide Guillam, who was the very first person that introduced me to Miracle Morning Experience and the S.A.V.E.R.S. technique.

Going back to Greece, I started studying everything about Miracle Morning Experience and how S.A.V.E.R.S. method could change my daily life. I started practicing Miracle Morning every day and for about 2-3 months, I woke up every morning discovering the maximum of my potentials, planning my day, feeling full of energy, creativity and peace. It took me a few years to learn and train myself on it, so I could recommend it to my friends and share it, soon everywhere!”

 "How you met Miracle Morning Experience practice?"

Veronica: "My first contact with Miracle Morning Experience was magical and unexpected to me. There was one morning that I had such strong feelings of peace and optimism and it was impossible not asking myself of waking up like this every day. A few years later, under the right training, I promise this will change not only the way we see our mornings but also our whole days and consequently our weeks, months, etc."

"What kind of difference do you see in your 24/7 ?"

Veronica: "It taught me in practical and flexible way to be more productive and creative even though I sleep relatively a few hours. I have increased my concentration levels, recognizing what is important to do for today. Through daily meditation, being one of the S.A.V.E.R.S. letters, I have worked out my focus muscles to concentrate on the present moment. I divide activities in order to be effectively directed to my goals. My experience is an unparalleled peace of mind by waking up alone in the East without any other distraction. It learned me in hearing the sounds of nature, flowing the sunrise serenity. The time having for myself, allows me to fill my cup so that I have a surplus to serve others. I am more productive, organized and brave. I have more energy and wellness every day. My anxiety has been reduced and I am able to face difficulties in serenity and clear thinking. I experience more happy days versus depressing days. I learned the use of Pause button and taken pleasure of what I have already in my life. ​I am sharing my personal experience so I can authentically describe how effective and practical is the S.A.V.E.R.S technique of Miracle Morning Experience. It is the most practical and effective routine that has changed my everyday life."

“Who is Miracle Morning Experience for?”


Veronica: “People who wish for energy, joy, creativity and self-concentration in their morning waking up. People who wish for life change.”

"Where does Miracle Morning Experience take place?"


Veronica: "At this point, I would like to mention that Miracle Morning Experience is magical wherever it takes place. But wherever it takes place, such as specific locations that meet some certain characteristics, or, let me say, perspectives, then it's benefits do maximize. It is exciting to see changes within you as the days go by. There are many city places that you may have pure contact with nature, sounds and smells. There was held a lot of months research to reach these kind of locations in Thessaloniki. And soon other locations in Greece could follow. That was not my intention, but after talking with some special friends of Miracle Morning Experience in the rest Greece, I have imagined Miracle Morning surpasses the city of Thessaloniki and soon be held in other, magical locations of Greece. Imagine our islands and mountains, I'm really looking forward to it!"

"How have you decided it as a project?"

Veronica: "Before practicing Miracle Morning Experience, I used to put a lot of effort on checking boxes on my to-do list, fit every task in my calendar, and be consistent in the afternoon kids' activities. To manage all these, I needed to eliminate a few hours of night sleep, working as many hours as I could, simultaneously on three (3) different not so easy or always manageable projects. That demands laser focus, discipline and organizing skills to be followed. I had no time for myself or the necessary space and time for my needs. On top of that, I had to deal with my guilty emotions of not spending enough quality time with my kids. What really attracted me towards practicing Miracle Morning Experience was it's flexibility and practical implementation. It gave me the tools to wake up my potentials on my entire day, feel full of energy, laser focus, motivation and wellness. Since practicing the Miracle Morning Experience technique, I was able to change my forces and improve my life in many areas. This technique was for me my Lifesaver, as I like to call it! Ever since that trip to Malta, I daily practice Miracle Morning Experience, every morning at 6:00am, feeling my life changing. After completing my training with Hal Elrod, the creator of the technique, it was so clear to me that I wanted to share this unique experience, be known in Greece. My desire is teaching people the Miracle Morning Experience technique and how to wake up in energy, peace and joy. By sharing this technique knowledge, I wish to contribute in people’s life change. I feel so great when I can make people feel good about themselves and be connected to their needs and dreams."

All About It.

By Veronica Palaiokrassa
Wellness & Miracle Morning Trainer



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