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Holistic Retreat designs every year an exclusive selection of renewed conceptual retreats in alluring destinations, to help you rejuvenate, and find mental peace, harmony, energy, self-connection, and rejuvenation, with the utmost care.


Nature & Retreat

Holistic Retreat is inspired by the serenity of the Greek topiary and beauty.

Through Connection dinners, Workshops, Yoga and Fitness sessions, we celebrate life, food, nature, and mindful living. We invite you to reconnect with people and nature, find your inner self, and adopt new habits and routines for a fresh start.


Experience Morning Miracle Experiences, create your new Life Planner Roadmap and start living life with a new mindset.

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Holistic Retreat™ will help you deal with stress and anxiety while infusing wellness moments and help you lay the foundation of a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Any toxic and negative thoughts are eliminated.


Resilience, self-awareness and reflection contribute to inner peace, providing the essential go-to tools that manage daily stress factors.

You are free again.


Holistic Retreat™ helps retreat guests create a healthier lifestyle. A variety of supportive services are provided to guests in order to adopt long-term change full of new positive habits and daily routines.

Through our carefully designed events and retreats, proper preparation, and positive reinforcement, you will create the changes and routines you always wanted.


Retreats are specially designed to align with your needs and your well-being. 

You are strong again.


Daily practice is essential to change nervous behavior into soothing, serene, personal, and positive concentration.

Common neurological conditions include anxiety, rapid heartbeat, breath shortness, sweating, and dizziness.


Re-charge your mind and body with a host of activities and benefit a restored, renewed, and joyful Holistic Retreat™.


People are looking for a better and healthier lifestyle without knowing how to achieve it. Here we come.

Holistic Retreat™ offers a variety of physical, emotional, and mental personal wellness-supported services.

Our activities nourish the mind, soul, and body, as well as contribute to a pleasant and renewed Holistic Retreat™.

Holistic Retreats™ 

Our retreats are uniquely designed to provide guests with a serene, nature-grounded, self-connected, and balanced lifestyle. 

Sportswear Fashion

Bounce Back Retreat™
Welcome your New, Focused & Centered Inner-Self

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Relax & Renew Retreat™
Finding Emotional Balance, Freedom & Joy

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Fuel Up Retreat™
Improve your Strength, Agility & Endurance

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Discover Wellness Retreat™
Infuse Wellness
into your Life

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Radical Calm Retreat™
Listen your

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October 15-17, 2021 
Bounce Back Retreat™
Pelion Homes Villas

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One Holistic Retreat, your story.

Amazing experience thank you so much! Loved our last trip!
Maria L.


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