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Dimitris Tzefalis


Dimitris with origins from Monastiraki, Drama, is a Physical Education MSc. Professor and a Physical Education and Sports Science Department graduate of the Aristotle Thessaloniki University, where he recently completed his postgraduate studies in Humanity science.


He is an inspiring coach of O.S.B._Endurance Team (One Step Beyond) in road long distances within Greece, and population and runners’ health curator. He is the coach in Drama Classic Sports Association, a long-distance road athlete and a great road Marathon and mountain running races lover, while decathlete as a teenager.


Being the author of the training guide "Bringing Long Distances Close together" and the animation manual "Where does your mind go?", both by Sportbook publications, he is very successful in Greek running and wide public.


He is an article writer of the first running Greek website, at his personal website and the Greek classic sports magazine, Athletics.


He has finished in more than 20 marathons in Greece and abroad, while his record in Athenian Marathon is 2:44:58. He holds the Panhellenic and Balkan record of veterans, aged 40-44, in 3,000-meter race of natural obstacles. He lives and works in Drama.

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